Product Description

FlexRider products provide the deepest magnetic penetration available. Neodymium high energy rare earth magnets offer 20x more power than other magnets. Highest Gaus and MGO rating for deepest penetration. 1000 denier nylon surface fabric with poly-fleece lining and foam interior for added comfort. Velro down the spine (withers to dock), down the flank, and in a "v" down each hind leg. The blanket comes with 7 magnetic strips (each holds 3 3,230 gauss magnets) that you attach to the velcro on the blanket. Also comes with an extra yard of velcro that can be sewn on wherever you want so you can put magnets in different locations if you need to.

About the Magnets: The magnets are unipolar. The south pole of the magnet faces the horse because the south pole is 6% stronger than the north pole. Each magnet has 3230 gauss. Another little tidbit…the therapeutic value of these products is also increased because of the fact that the boots are lined with a nice soft fleece that gets warm while the horse is wearing them. Most other magnetic products are made with bipolar magnets. These are magnets that are made of magnetic particles with plastic or ceramic mixed in. These bipolar magnets do not have as much gauss as the Flex Rider magnets. Wondering what exactly "gauss" is? Gauss - (gous), n. [So named after Karl F. Gauss, a German mathematician.] (Elec.) a unit of magnetic density. Usage and Application Schedules: The usage and application schedules for magnetic therapy can vary and we always suggest that you speak directly with your vet before using this type of therapy.

It is often suggested that magnets be used prior to competitions or strenuous exercise, as your horse will benefit from the increased circulation that is created by the magnets. This can help prevent injury that may occur when muscles, ligaments and tendons are cold. You can also use magnets to soothe aching joints and muscles after strenuous exercise.

During initial administration you may want to leave the magnets in place for approximately 2-3 hours, gradually increasing the time to what you feel is most appropriate for your horse. The magnets can be left on an affected area for up to 12 hours daily. You should always check your horse daily and should not apply any magnetic products to a fresh injury within the first 48 hours. As your horse’s symptoms improve, usage time may be reduced to a few hours a day. However, if symptoms reoccur, you should return to the original application schedule.

There are several cases where you should not use magnets. Do not apply magnets to an acute untreated infection, to open wounds, or to any area of an acute injury. You should also not apply to an injury less than 48 hours old, as it needs to be cooled thoroughly first. Do not apply magnets to an area where paint or liniment has been applied in the last 24 hours and do not use magnets while exercising your horse or if your horse has a metal pin or plate implanted in the affected area.