Product Description

The New Generation of Bran Mash! For generations, professionals have rewarded their horses with a weekly bran mash. Equine Edibles has simplified this traditional treat by pre-packaging all the ingredients into a one step, just add water, no mess, bran mash! What could be simpler? At Equine Edibles, we recognize the unique needs of individual horses and have created a line of products for both the performance and the companion horse. Each formula is infused with a specific combination of herbs, to benefit your horse's individual needs. The candy cane recipe is the original pampering mash all dressed up for the holidays. With real crushed candy canes and the finest cinnamon this seasonal aroma will jingle your horse's bells!

Other Ingredients

Wheat bran, molasses, barley, soybean meal, chamomile, dehydrated carrots, crushed candy canes, and cinnamon.


Not intended for human consumption.