Product Description

Easy-application strips help open a horse’s airways and ease airflow through its nasal packages. FLAIR strips have been shown to increase respiratory efficiency and stamina during exercise. Horses breathe only through their noses and during periods of high-stress exercise, inhaling can create a vacuum in the lungs which may result in bleeding. This condition is called EIPH (exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage). FLAIR strips can help horses breathe easier by preventing the collapse of nasal passage tissue and reducing the risk of EIPH. Shown to: Speed Recovery Reduce Fatigue Reduce Lung Stress and Bleeding


For external use only. Do not apply to sores or to broken or irritated skin. Intended exculsively for horses. Store at room temperature: avoid extreme heat or cold.


1. Clean and dry the muzzle thoroughly. (Oil, dirt and moisture will reduce adhesion.) Apply 30 minutes before exercising the horse. 2. Place bottom edge at Positioning Guide at top of nostrils as indicated by arrows on packaging. Press down to adhere strip. 3. After removing Positioning Guide, rub strip to secure adhesive. For Single Use Only. To remove: Pull gently but firmly from the top corner toward the middle. Do not remove by pulling up or down. Adhesive may cause slight loss of hair similar to that experienced with shedding.