Application: (Soak. Wrap. Secure.)
1. Remove 1 to 4 wraps from package as needed. (Replace unused wraps in original packaging & store in a dry location.)
2. Submerge wrap(s) in warm or cold water as required for 15 -20 seconds. (Slightly longer soak time will not adversely affect their use.)
3. Let excess water drain back into pail, and be sure poultice in pockets is sufficiently wet.
    If not evenly distributed in pockets when wet, poultice material will even out, when pressed to leg.
4. Place wrap around leg evenly, below the knee down to the fetlock, and press against the leg to ensure snug fit.
5. Completely cover with standing bandage & secure.

1. Recheck leg in 12-24 hours. If poultice wrap is still wet, and more poultice time is desired, simply rewrap for additional time.
Note: Once wrap is dry, rehydrating with water will not re-activate poultice. If longer time is required, replace with new wrap & secure.
2. Removal is easy. Simply remove outer securing bandage, and remove poultice wrap.
3. Little to no clean up is required due to the filter paper matrix design & proprietary ratio of ingredients.
4. Dispose of used wrap in your compost pile, or in regular garbage.