Other Ingredients

•    Grain extract
•    Amino Acids
•    Propylene glycol
•    Tea Tree oil
•    Isopropyl alcohol
•    Iodine
•    Yucca Extract



Apply to hooves with cracks, crevices and nail holes.
Repels hoof destroying microbial invasions, both bacterial and fungal.
Maintains correct hoof capsule moisture balance in excessively wet or dry conditions.

SHAKE WELL before use.
Hoof  should be clean and dry before application.
Allow to penetrate for several minutes.

For Hoof problems: Apply daily to entire hoof (coronary band, wall, sole, and frog). Special attention should be given to the white line area at the junction of the sole and the hoof wall and any other areas of concern.

As a Hoof protectant: Apply daily or as often as conditions dictate when utilized as a protectant from ‘hoof eating’ microbes or in excessively wet or dry conditions.  Repeat application each time the hoof is dressed, rasped or trimmed.