Product Description

Shoe and leather care in compact form!
The new Effax Leather Care Kit contains the perfect care products for riding equipment in a practical case for use when travelling. The high-quality effax products care for leather while cleaning and protecting it against water and dirt. The polishing cloths give leather a glossy shine. 
Kit Includes: Effax Leather-Balm Mini, Effax Leather Combi-Mini, Effax Boot-Polish,Effax Speedy Leather-Shine, Effax Leather-Grip-Stick, Effax Shoebrush, Micro-fibre cloth, Sponge



Effax Leather-Combi cleans and nourishes the leather in a unique way, with a deep-penetrating effect, without making the leather greasy. Composition acc. to EG 648/2004: <5% anionic tensides, <5% nonionic tensides, Isopropanol, perfume. 1 x 50 ml
Effax Leather-Balm nourishes, cares for and protects the leather, keeps it supple and makes it tear-proof. Contains: Lanolin, avocado oil, bees´wax. 1 x 50 ml  
Effax Boot-Polish is extremely dirt and water repellent. 1 x 75 ml
Simply apply Effax Speedy Leather-Shine with a sponge to boots, saddles, bridles or bags made of any kind of leather and they will shine beautifully as if they have been polished.
Soft sponge for the thorough care and cleaning of the leather.
Effax Shoebrush removes even stubborn stains.
Micro-fibre cloth deeply penetrates into the leather-fibres.
Effax Leather-Grip-Stick always lends the leather a good firm grip. 1 x 10 ml