Product Description

Revolutionary design for compact Horses! The Passier Compact Dressage Saddle is the perfect saddle for horses with a short back – and for their riders! Until now riders of compact horses always had to select a small seat size to avoid saddle pressure on the horse’s loins, but such a small seat area was often problematic for the rider. However, the era of compromise has ended, because Passier has succeeded in making a big break-through with the Compact Dressage Saddle. The panels have a short contact surface on the horse – from the front through the rear of the cantle. The rest of the panel is designed to come off the horse immediately. The PS-tree has been redesigned in the shape of the cantle as well as in its position. This offers a shorter tree length with a seat size to accomodate adult riders. The result of new panel shape and the shorter tree is a saddle that is 2” shorter in the bearing surface on the horse – in comparison to a regular 17.5” Passier dressage saddle (plus standard production is already 1” shorter than the competition.) The panels also give the horse greater freedom for the shoulders and withers due to the round stuffing of the panel “nose” (panel area from the tree point downwards). The new W-girth arrangement ensures that the saddle remains firmly in place: The VELCRO® brand closures on the front V enables the rider to change the girthing from a point billet position to a more rear position. The more rear the front billet is placed, the more shoulder freedom the horse has. The rear billet exerts just the right pressure in precisely the area where the greatest hold is required. This is the result of the rear nylon webbing V. The billet will move into the needed position by itself. The invention of the W-girthing system (front V + rear V = W) enabled us to dispense with traditionel jute webbing. Just by not adding the jute we were able to give the rider a closer contact by ¾”.