Product Description

Point Two vests provide enhanced protection to all the major thoracic and upper abdominal organs.  When the rider is unseated or thrown from a horse, the pressure on the lanyard activates the CO2 canister and causes the Point Two air vest to inflate in under 1/10 second to absorb shock, distribute pressure and support the rider's spinal column.

It also offers support to the collar of the neck, ribs, coccyx, and vital organs.  It even helps to guard against crushing injuries in the event of a rotational fall.

When triggered, air vests hold the rider tight for 15-20 seconds and then slowly deflate over 2-3 minutes.  While the jacket is inflated, the rider will continue to have full movement of their waist, arms, and legs, and partial movement of the head.

Point Two vests have been rigorously assessed by leading test facilities across the UK and in Europe to obtain the required safety certificates, and in some cases have exceeded those exacting standards.