Product Description

The Equine Comfort Products Cotton Correction Half Pad features a quilted cotton top with an ultra-soft brushed cotton underside.  With 4 pockets for three removable memory foam shims in each, two pockets in front and two in the rear.  The memory foam is provided with the pad and is contoured specifically for front or rear placement.  Allows for customizing with the ability to fit and compensate for changes in the horse's shape.  This conforming pad allows for excellent circulation and padding.  The streamlined design of the cotton correction pad puts the rider closer tot he horse, offering stability and while still able to take advantage of the correction system.  Also, for riders who prefer less pad between themselves and the horse, this pad, which is backed with a brushed soft cotton, allows the closer feel they are looking for. Absorbs and wicks away moisture.  The variable geometry provides relief of pressure points.  Made with materials chosen for performance.