Product Description

FITS Treads Lite Full Seat Breeches take printed breech technology to the next level. Treads rubberized ink dots are uniquely distributed throughout the leg and seat in varying heights and concentrations with more at the points of saddle contact, and less under the boot. The result is more grip and stability in the saddle. Our specially formulated ink dots are adhered to 4 way stretch ALL SEASON LIGHT fabric that provides wicking and compressive support properties. FITS Treads Lite Full Seat Breeches are completely machine washable and dryable so you can wash and wear day after day. Features a roomy pocket for cell phone or essentials. A mighty combination of performance and value.

Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

Made in the USA.

Breech Design


Rather than one single piece of leather as in traditional breeches, FITS full seats feature segmented leather panels to allow for maximum range of motion without restriction. This enables you to spread your seat bones for a deeper, more secure position in the saddle. Holes. Soft, supple deerskin with tiny perforations creates more surface resistance against the saddle, giving much better grip than flat or imitation leather or suede. The holes also increase stretch capacity and freedom of motion, and allow for significantly better leather breathability than any breech on the market today.


Our patented design incorporates an athletic gusseted crotch that is leather-free and has no center seam thereby eliminating the tendency for the breeches to pull down at the crotch or feel in any way binding.

Our patented Powernet 4 way stretch "ab" panel wraps from your left hip around your abdomen to your right hip. This gives you subtle but effective body core support and smooth, flattering lines to your tummy and hip areas. Powernet at your inner calf helps alleviate bulk and heat build up inside your boots and also affords you the closest possible contact between your leg and your horse.

Body Sculpt fabrics and garment engineering make our breeches fit you like a second skin. The front of our waistband is slightly dipped for your comfort while the back is raised for increased coverage and support. At two inches wide, our waistband flatters shapes and supports you as do our slimming design lines and flat seam construction. FITS All Season Microfibre fabric is double sided. It features a smooth and very durable surface that imparts a rich luster to the breech color. The inside of the fabric is a looped twill construction that camouflages cellulite, and comfortably supports and shapes your legs and body. FITS Winter Wind Pro® fabric features soft brushed yarns next to your skin that trap body heat and warm you. The outer face of the fabric has a hard surface that repels dirt and water. A breathable windproof membrane is sandwiched between the two layers. With FITS breeches, you will look great and feed comfortable in the saddle all year long.