Product Description

William Micklem, an international coach, speaker and best selling author, designed the Micklem Multibridle to fit the shape of the horse's skull.  The most comfortable, effective and flexible bridle ever designed.  Winner of the innovation award at BETA International in 2008. 

A better way forward for a better way of going, the Micklem Multibridle relieves pressure on the sensitive parts of the head.  Eliminates pain, numbness or damage to nerves, veins and muscles. 

Three main pieces of equipment in one:

  1. A bridle (including integral noseband)
  2. A lunge cavesson
  3. A bit-free bridle (2 alternatives) and features the unique tongue and bars of the mouth protection system, which has proven effective for so many horses.

Made from Eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather.

Each pack contains: bridle, curb groove strap, tongue protection clips (5cm), bit strap, set of replacement bit straps, information CD and instruction booklet.


Please note this bridle does not come with reins.