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How long does it take for the Bit Blanket to warm the bit?

Generally, less than 20 minutes.  The Bit Blanket starts working as soon as you plug it in so we recommend that when you get to the barn and put your tack in the aisle, you put the Bit Blanket around your bit and plug it in right away.  While you are getting your horse, grooming him, and saddling up, the Bit Blanket is hard at work warming your horse’s bit to a safe and comfortable temperature, and on most days this will take less than 20 minutes.  Certainly if conditions are extremely cold, it may take a full 20 minutes, or if conditions are milder, it will likely take less time.  A number of customers have told us that even when they’re at the barn for a quick ride (which involves barely a grooming session) that the Bit Blanket warms the bit more in 5 or 10 minutes than their armpit or cold hands could ever do. Always remember to wrap the Bit Blanket TIGHTLY around your bit to prevent heat from escaping during the warming process.
Does it really matter if I warm my bit up or not?

The average horse’s internal body temperature (100° F) is much like a human’s (98.6° F) and the tissue and organ composition of their mouth is similar to ours as well, so it is safe to say that the sensation and feelings we’d experience by putting our tongue, lips, gums, and teeth in contact with a freezing piece of metal (have you seen the double-dog-dare involving a frozen flag pole in A Christmas Story?) is the equivalent of what our horses' experience. 
My horse doesn’t seem to mind a cold bit.  Why should I be concerned?

You are not alone.  Many horses have come to accept the fact that they don’t have any choice in the matter but the truth is, it doesn’t matter how many times you lick a frozen flag pole, you would never grow to view it as a pleasant and positive experience.  So although your horse may take the freezing cold bit, it doesn’t mean he enjoys it.  In addition, over a prolonged period of time, some horses grow head-shy and resistant to being bridled.  Many trainers have ordered Bit Blankets to avoid creating bitting problems.  They told us how they spend so much time starting young horses on the bit in a positive way, creating a positive association with the bit, and then winter rolls around and the horses are shocked by the turn the process has taken and the experience begins to have negative associations.  Also, cold metal certainly has a numbing effect on a horse’s sensitive lips and gums, which will result in less sensitivity to light bit pressure at the start of each ride. 
Will the Bit Blanket get my horse’s bit too hot?

Bit Blankets were designed to warm the bit quickly and efficiently but not to get the bit so hot that it poses a danger.  The temperature settings are based on the temperature range of human hand warmers so they are safe for both horses and humans.  It is not recommended that you leave the Bit Blanket on your bit for extended periods of time and, since rider’s preparation time’s do vary, you should always feel your horse’s bit before putting it in their mouth to ensure it is at a safe and comfortable temperature.
How long is the cord on the Bit Blanket?

The electrical cord is five feet long.
Can I leave my Bit Blanket plugged in all the time?

No, unplug your Bit Blanket when not in use.  You can, however, leave it wrapped around your bit in between rides.  That way when you come to the barn for your next ride, you simply get out your tack, hang your bridle, and your Bit Blanket is ready and waiting to be plugged in.  It doesn’t get much simpler.
Do you make portable Bit Blankets?

For those rider’s who travel off-site for training, clinics, trail-rides, etc., we now offer a convenient Philips Power Inverter that plugs into your car lighter.  In addition to powering your Bit Blanket, the inverter is also ideal for powering/charging cell phones, iPods/iPads, laptops, DVD/CD players, and other portable audio/video equipment.
Is the Bit Blanket environmentally friendly and energy efficient?

Absolutely!  For one, it is not disposable so you are not adding to landfills by throwing them away after each use.  Also, there is no microwaving or boiling involved, so you do not have the energy pull of microwaves or stoves like some other products on the market.  Bit Blankets run on only four watts of energy, like a night-light, so they are very energy efficient!
Is the Bit Blanket economical?

Yes, since the Bit Blanket runs on only a few watts of energy, it costs only pennies a season to operate.  There is no on-going expense necessary when using a Bit Blanket.  No need to continue to buy replaceable, one-time use components.  
Aren’t my hands or armpits capable of warming the bit as well as a Bit Blanket?

Well, that depends on how much time you have and how long you are willing to endure that kind of discomfort!  If you’re only able to hold the bit in your (cold) hands or put it under your armpit briefly, then definitely not.  If you are willing to stand there holding the bit for a significantly longer period of time, then it might be possible.  Although it will be hard to tell just how warm your hands get the bit since your hands will probably be too cold by the end of that time to even feel anything.  You also have to consider another effect ‘armpit warming’ has on the bit:  rumor has it that horses don’t like that flavor. :)
Can’t my hair dryer do as good of a job as the Bit Blanket?

No, it really can’t.  The problem with a hairdryer is that it will not heat the bit consistently so you’ll end up with cold spots and possibly hot spots on the surface of the bit.  Plus, it’s a huge energy draw:  Most hairdryers use over 1000 watts of energy!  Bit Blankets use only 4 watts of energy!
Bit Blanket - The Electric Bit Warmer.

Warm that bit! During the fall and winter months, horse bits become dangerously cold. Cold bits cause pain, discomfort, numbness, and damage to the soft tissue in horses' mouths. These clear dangers also lead to additional problems: The numbing effect that a cold bit has on the lips and tongue will result in less sensitivity to light bit pressure -- something no rider who values the importance of clear and effective communication would want. The negative results of the cold-bit experience can also lead to problems with bridling, creating a head-shy horse that's resistant to being bridled. This is a concern with horses of any age and should be of particular concern when introducing a young horse to the bitting process. Experts agree that making each aspect of the training process as positive as possible is critical to successful and effective training. Warming a cold bit, therefore eliminating that negative association, is an important step in the positive training process. Bit Blanket makes that step easy.

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