Product Description

The Evolution of a Blanketing System - Freestyle

  1. Unique Cupped Shoulder Dart - with advances in tape-seaming technology which allowed curved stitching to remain waterproof, the Freestyle system builds a unique 'cup' at the point of the horses shoulder to reduce pressure on a key rub area when the horse is in motion.
  2. Forward Positioned Gusset - studying horses out in the field, it was noticed that with the unique cupped shoulder dart in place, the gusset needed to be positioned to the front, allowing the horses leg to track directly through for the ultimate in freedom.
  3. Full Wrap Tail Flap - more than just a bigger tail flap, the Freestyle tail flap incorporates a registered 'accordion' design which contours to the horses body in wind and wild weather but still allows additional space and freedom for the horse to lift their tail.
  4. Quick-Clip Front Closure - to reduce the incidence of rubbing, the Quick-Clip offers up to 10 incremental levels of adjustment to perfectly match the cupped shoulder dart to the point of the shoulder.  Once set, the Quick-Clip makes blanketing significantly easier than any other buckles.
  5. Innovative fabrics for style and strength - continuing to innovate, Freestyle fabrics introduced Triple Weave and Diamond Weave bringing additional strength and style to blankets where ripstop had always been the only option.
  6. Detach-A-Neck - Offering horse owners more flexibility than a combo, the introduction of the Detach-A-Neck also offered an opportunity to improve fit and function.  The front of the neck has been specially sculpted to wrap around the jowl to prevent rubs and the Velcro attachments are both simple and secure.
  7. Wither Relief - two ergonomically shaped pads hug the wither offering both cushioning when the horse rolls and raising the front of the blanket slightly to help reduce wither related rubbing.
  8. Comfort Cuff - more watching horses in the field resulted in the introduction of the the comfort cuff.  Added to provide some cushioning against the binding when a horse is grazing as well as covering the small gap between blanket and Detach-A-Neck.
  9. Rust Resistant Gunmetal Fittings - New for 2012, the rust resistant fitting not only looks good, but provides a smooth, almost silky feel when doing up surcingles.  In the cold weather, the easier surcingles and buckles slide together, the less time bare hands are exposed to the weather.
  10. Additional Reflective Inserts - a common consumer complaint was how hard it is to find a horse in a paddock on a cold, dark night.  While the reflective Weatherbeeta badge helped, consumers wanted more.  Freestyle now has additional inserts and Freestyle branding to reflect light and make finding your horse easier.
  11. Snug Fit - an exciting addition to Detach-A-Neck blankets is the Snug Fit.  A waterproof fleece cuff which extends and contracts from under the Detach-A-Neck as the horse grazes.  This is as close as it gets for a completely warm and dry horse.

The Weatherbeeta 600D FREESTYLE Standard Neck Turnout combines innovative fabric technologies, with leading functional features across an extensive range.  Adapts to the weather and all its conditions whilst performing at its best.  The rug that is unchallenged for innovation, features, styles and design.  Giving your horse the ultimate protection while allowing it the freedom to perform.

Medium weight provides 220g of polyfill.