The Best Thing to Happen to Supplements Just Got Better

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (February 14, 2011)- Horse owners have been known to call SmartPaks the "best thing to happen to the barn since the wheelbarrow." If that‟s true, the best just got better. And SmartPak's customers couldn't be happier.

On January 17th, SmartPak launched an exciting enhancement to the SmartPak™ supplement delivery service-SmartPaks over $40.00 now ship free. Now horse owners can get completely customized daily dose paks of their horse's supplements delivered automatically every month, with no shipping charges. Even better, free shipping applies to the entire order, so customers can add anything to the SmartPaks, from treats to tack trunks to additional SmartPaks, and it will all ship free.

In a letter to customers, SmartPak noted: "You told us you wanted to spend your money on keeping your horse happy and healthy, not on shipping and handling. Like all of your ideas, we thought that was brilliant." After the announcement went out, SmartPak's popular Facebook page lit up with posts from happy customers. From the basic: "Another reason to love SmartPak!" to the enthusiastic: "You have NO IDEA how awesome it is just to save the money on shipping every month... It's amazing! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!" Even horses got in on the action: "My horses and I thank you for the free shipping. SmartPak, already awesome, now awesome-er."

"Riders and horse owners are a diverse bunch," said Colby Balazs, Vice President of Marketing, a competitive rider herself. "But we have a lot in common. We all want to take the best care of our horses. We want them to be happy and healthy. And we hate paying for shipping. Here at SmartPak, we've worked hard for over a decade to provide solutions for those first two concerns. Now we're excited to be solving the shipping problem as well."

"Free shipping is something we've wanted to do since day one," said Paal Gisholt, SmartPak's CEO. "But for a long time it just wasn't financially feasible for us. Instead, we focused on offering the lowest flat-rate shipping we could afford." Gisholt continued. "As more and more riders and barns have adopted the system, we've been able to improve our efficiency to the point where we can now offer free shipping. SmartPaks are designed to make your life easier, and it doesn't get much easier than free." To learn more about the SmartPak™ customized supplement delivery service, visit