SmartPak joins forces with ASPC and AMHR

Offering Smart Solutions for Smaller Equines

PLYMOUTH, MA – (Jan. 6, 2005) For owners of ponies and miniature horses, a balanced diet and proper supplementation are just as an essential part of equine management as the pint sized wonders' larger counterparts. Relying on plastic bags, Tupperware, or scooping from countless buckets with really tiny scoops, supplementing for the mighty mini's of the equine world required owners to manually dose each animal every day - an arduous task for such petite ponies and mini's.

Not any more - SmartPaks can be a huge help for even the tiniest of trotters!

Recognizing the need for reliable and efficient feeding of supplements for all horses, regardless of stature, SmartPak Equine has joined forces with the American Shetland Pony Club and the American Miniature Horse Registry in a pioneering sponsorship. Providing innovative products and services for equine management, SmartPak is devoted to finding customized solutions to every horse owner's needs: large or small.

"Naturally, we are thrilled about our partnership with the American Shetland Pony Club and Miniature Horse Registry," said Jaralyn Gibson, vice president of new business development for SmartPak. "The ability to meet all of our customers' needs, on a unique and diverse level, is very important to us. Offering smaller doses for ponies and miniature horses is just one more way that we can make owners' lives easier." Recently celebrating their five year anniversary, the flexibility for customers to individualize a supplement program for the specific needs of any horse is a cornerstone of the company's mantra.

Marianne Skillman, an owner of miniature horses for seventeen years, is a SmartPak user and has found the supplement system both easy and practical for her miniature horse. " SmartPaks are so handy because Mischief Maker is away from home at a training center right now," said Skillman, whose 6 year old stud, Mischief Maker, is registered in the AMHR. "Because mini's are so susceptible to gaining weight, I always know that he's getting fed correctly and I don't have to worry."

The SmartPak system, a customized supplement program, allows owners to select the highest quality, brand name supplements for their horses at specific doses in easy to use daily SmartPaks. Miniature horse and pony owners can enjoy the same level of ease with SmartPaks as large horse owners, and still have the flexibility to accommodate their pocket sized pals.

"With the time and energy I need to mix all the supplements, and then pay someone it to feed the miniatures, it is so much easier, convenient, and ends up being cheaper to do it in SmartPaks," said Skillman. "And the dosages are so much more precise than if someone else, or even if I were to do it myself."

More than just convenience, for Skillman, SmartPaks offer a piece of mind. "It is so convenient. When one of my horses got injured, I grabbed a couple of SmartPaks and brought them with me to the vet," Skillman said. "In an emergency it was really handy. I didn't have to worry about getting her the supplements she needed and packing them up with her. It was great that they were there."

And when Mischeif Maker makes his debut in the combined driving circuit this spring, Skillman knows that his SmartPaks will make showing that much easier for her. "Right now, he's on joint and multivitamin supplements to help him with the demands of strenuous training and also to prepare him for when he starts competing again. When we do start going to shows, the SmartPaks will be there and ready for when he needs them."

Owners of miniature horses and ponies can look forward to new services and products from SmartPak Equine specifically designed for horses of small stature. Look online at or speak to a product specialist at 1-800-461-8898 about custom supplement options as well as exciting new blankets, supplies, and other products in miniature and pony sizes.

SmartPak Equine is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council certified to display the NASC Seal of Quality.

About SmartPak Equine
SmartPak Equine was founded in 1999 with the purpose of simplifying the administration of nutritional supplements and medications to horses. The patented SmartPak™ supplement feeding system has been adopted by thousands of barns and horse owners across the country, who value knowing that their supplements will be fed correctly. It has been embraced by riders from all disciplines and all levels, including seven Olympic medalists. In addition to the SmartPak supplement system, the company offers a broad line of horse health and rider items, dog supplies, and equine and canine pharmacy items sold through the company’s catalog and Web site. In 2006, SmartPak was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing private companies for the second straight year and is the only equine company ever named to the list. The company has also been honored with a Best Bosses award presented by Fortune Small Business and Winning Workplaces. SmartPak also operates a retail store in Natick, MA. For more information, visit