Equine Journal

October 2008

SmartPak™ Reaches Another Milestone
Just a year and a half after they celebrated their 100 millionth SmartPak™ served, SmartPak Equine announced that they have served their 150 millionth supplement in customized daily dose SmartPaks. "When we first started SmartPak, people assumed the SmartPak supplement feeding system™ would be best suited to high level competitive horse kept at a boarding stable," says Becky Minard, founder and senior vice president of SmartPak. "But as we’ve exposed the system to broader audiences, horse owners of all types are finding that it’s both convenient and cost effective. Whether keeping a horse on your own property, or boarding, it’s a great way to know your supplements are going to get fed right, and simplify your busy life."

To celebrate the company milestone, SmartPak took advantage of a horsemanship clinic they were sponsoring for renowned horse trainer Stacy Westfall, to present a free year’s worth of supplements in SmartPaks as the grand prize in a raffle. Valued at up to $600, the free year’s worth of supplements in SmartPaks was open to any of the over 300 brand name supplements that SmartPak carries.

Lucky winner, Carolyn Thompson of Aledo, TX owns several Arabians and will be using the free supplements in SmartPaks prize for her 28-year-old Arabian mare, Scarlet. Carolyn is looking forward to trying the SmartFlex Senior on Scarlet because in her old age Scarlet is experiencing some stiffness and soreness.

To learn more about SmartPak, visit their website at www.SmartPak.com or call toll free 800-461-8898.