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In the News

In The News

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SmartPak has been pleased to be featured in numerous equestrian and other publications. In the media room, publications noting the SmartPak system or products are archived by year. Feel free to browse through the news archive to see what people are saying about SmartPak!

2002 News

Horse Journal - July 2002

"We found SmartPak's system dazzling." Be sure to check out the article 'Prepackaged Supplements Fill A Niche: For Boarding Stables, We Don't Think the Idea Can Be Beat' in the July issue of the Horse Journal. They discuss the benefits of having your supplements pre-packaged into daily doses for you, particularly if you are in a boarding facility. Topics discussed include, reliability of dosing, never running out, decreased potency of supplements when they are combined in baggies, and the pleasant surprise of cost effectiveness.


Hunter & Sport Horse - July/August 2002

"SmartPak now ships bug spray, hoof care and grooming formulas, brushes, first aid supplies, dewormers and fine leather care products to horse owners! - in addition to SmartPak's feed supplements and pharmaceuticals. so when you run out of ReguMate and Banamine, bug spray or bandages, SmartPak solves the problem! The supplies you need can be shipped to you along with your horse's customized supplement packs."

Reprinted with permission

Horse Illustrated - August 2002

"The Mosquito Magnet is a new trap available from SmartPak Equine that works without pesticides to eradicate mosquito populations in six to eight weeks. The Mosquito Magnet lures insects with carbon dioxide, heat, moisture and an octenol attractant, then silently vacuums them into a net where they die of dehydration within 24 hours."

Equus - July 2002

"Fatal Attraction: Pesticide-free mosquito trap. This propane-powered device emits a continuous plume of heat, moisture, carbon dioxide and an additional agent designed to lure mosquitoes, blackflies and other blood-seeking flying insects by mimicking a mammal's respiration. The insects are drawn into the trap by a vacuum and caught in a net, where they die within 24 hours."


The Horse - July 2002

"The Mosquito Magnet operates all day to capture day-biting and night-biting blood-seeking insects. It is environmentally friendly and releases no harmful substances. There are several models available through SmartPak Equine, the only equine distributor of the Mosquito Magnet."

Tack'n Togs - June 2002

"Mosquito Magnet Uses the Power of Propane Also new on the pest-control front is the Mosquito Magnet from SmartPak Equine. Tested in environments as challenging as the Florida Everglades, the Mosquito Magnet confounds fly victim-detection systems by mimicking the carbon dioxide exhalation of humans and horses. Powered by a portable propane tank, it emits carbon dioxide, heat, moisture, and an octenal attractant. Mosquitoes, which rarely venture more than 200 yards from where they hatch, zero in on the Mosquito Magnet, are silently sucked in, and die of dehydration within 24 hours."

Stable Management - June 2002

"The new mosquito control products have hit the market in time for this summer ... Called the Mosquito Magnet, the system emits carbon dioxide, heat, moisture and an octenal attractant to lure mosquitoes, no-see-ums, sand flies and black flies into a trap where they dehydrate and die without the use of pesticides. The trap is powered by propane so it can be placed anywhere. Every three weeks, the collection nets need to be emptied, the propane tank refilled and more attractant put in."

Reprinted with permission


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