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In the News

In The News

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SmartPak has been pleased to be featured in numerous equestrian and other publications. In the media room, publications noting the SmartPak system or products are archived by year. Feel free to browse through the news archive to see what people are saying about SmartPak!

2000 News

The Horse of Delaware Valley - November 2000

"...the ultimate in cyber shopping for the busy equestrian...What could be more convenient than having the supplements you give your horse already measured and packaged in dose-by-dose servings?"


SideLines - October 21, 2000

"SmartPak Equine Solves the Supplement Problem. SmartPak is an excellent way to make sure your boarded horses get their supplements accurately - and daily. Given the large volume of work, supplements are frequently mis-measured, or worse, forgotten. Many are not resealed properly, exposing the supplements to oxygen and moisture, seriously compromising their potency.

'The SmartPak completely eliminates these problems,' Minard says. Each horse’s daily dose of supplements comes in a sealed container with individual compartments to prevent cross-contamination and reaction. 'Everyone wins,' says Minard. 'Owners love it because they know their horses are getting their choice of name-brand supplements, in the exact amount, every day. Barn managers love it because it is simple. There’s nothing to measure or scoop, and the horse’s name is on every pack.'"

USCTA NEWS - Eventing USA, The Publication of the United States Combined Training Association, Volume 29, Issue Five, 2000

"SmartPak Equine...riders and horse enthusiasts dedicated to providing high quality products for the care and good health of horses. They offer a broad range of leading equine product lines."

Western Horseman - October 2000

Western Preview. "...makes monitoring daily doses of equine nutritional supplements easy and ensures that horses receive the freshest, most potent supplements possible. There’s never doubt when feed has been supplemented and that the correct amount has been used.

It can be time-consuming to deal with supplements in bulk containers, unless properly resealed, potency of these often expensive additives can be reduced. Restocking is no problem; after the initial order, SmartPak replenishes your supply automatically each month."


The Horse - September 2000

"Easier Feeding. No more wondering if your horse received his supplements each day or hassling with pre-bagging and sorting supplements for each horse."

Boston Business Journal - September 1-7, 2000

Profiled in Boston Business Journal. Serving Greater Boston’s Business Community. Click here to view entire article.
September 1-7, 2000


Horse Illustrated - September 2000

"Get Smart. At first glance, this looks like the equine version of a TV dinner: prepackaged daily supplements. However, the benefits of SmartPak Equine extend beyond the obvious convenience. ...No matter who feeds your horse, you’ll know that he’s getting exactly what he’s supposed to - especially helpful in large boarding barns. And if you’re on the road competing, SmartPaks are good travelers. Design your SmartPak online or over the phone, choosing from a broad selection of leading brand name equine product lines. Your order will be replenished automatically each month, so you’ll never run out at the last minute again. The containers are made of recycled material and are recyclable."

Horse Show - September 2000

"The patent-pending SmartPak revolutionized the administration of equine nutritional supplements. Customized for each horse, it offers precisely measured daily doses of brand-name supplements in sealed, pre-packaged containers protected from sunlight, moisture and air. SmartPaks ensure freshness, accuracy and unequalled convenience."

EQUUS - August 2000

"Convenient customized supplements. A service that delivers customized packs of brand-name supplements divided into daily doses to meet your horse's needs. Customers can order from a variety of supplements, from vitamins to hoof treatments, based on their horse's requirements; a month's supply is then delivered with each daily dose in a sealed container with the horse's name printed on the label. Orders come in a dispenser box to keep packages organized."


The Blood-Horse - August 5, 2000

"SmartPak has introduced a new method of administering equine nutritional supplements... protected from sunlight, moisture and air. The containers have individual wells for each supplement and a peel-off top."

Dressage Today - August 2000

"Supplement the Smart Way. SmartPak Equine.com makes adding supplements to your horse’s ration less of a chore."


"The patent-pending SmartPak revolutionizes the administration of equine nutritional supplements."


Horseman’s Yankee PEDLAR - July 2000

"Promises Compliance, Convenience & Potency. ...Each horse’s daily dose of supplements comes in a sealed container with individual compartments to prevent cross-contamination and reaction."

Thoroughbred Times - June 24, 2000

"...Until now, supplements have been packaged in bulk containers, which make their administration a time consuming task prone to dosage errors… failure to reseal the containers can reduce the potency of vitamins and minerals crucial to the horse’s performance."

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science - Vol 20, No 6, June 2000

"...precisely measured daily-doses of brand name supplements in sealed, prepackaged containers protected from sunlight, moisture and air. …daily-dose SmartPaks have individual wells for each supplement, a peel-off top …With this unique approach, SmartPaks ensure freshness, accuracy and unequalled convenience.… failure to reseal bulk containers can reduce the potency of expensive vitamins and minerals crucial to a horse’s top performance."

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