We as riders love being in the saddle (or in the driver’s seat). It’s our home, our happy place, and sometimes where we feel the most stress.

Whether you’re hitting the trails or heading to the show ring, our team of riders has put together a collection of blogs that talks about their own riding fears and how they’ve overcome them. Check out all their great stories below and feel free to share what gets you nervous or helps you be confident every time you saddle up!

Blogs, Quotes, Tips & Tricks from Fellow Riders:

Blog One: New Discipline and New Fears for SmartPaker Kelcie

Blog Two: SmartPaker Sara Deals with Doubts

“When you think you have enough leg… add more!” – Lauren J.


Blog Three: SmartPaker Ellen’s Clinical Approach to Overthinking

Blog Four: SmartPaker Melissa’s Post-Partum Support System

“Ride the horse you have under you. He can only give you what you ask. So breathe, be fair, and enjoy the ride.” – Tatia H.

Instagram @heleskit

Blog Five: Planning for Success down Centerline with SmartPaker Viviane

Blog Six: SmartPaker Gena Checks “Find Supportive Barn Family” Off Her List

“Keep one leg on each side!” – Ellen B.A.


Blog Seven: Wisdom from SmartPaker Jess, the Wimpy Eventer

Blog Eight: How SmartPaker Sophie Rides With Her Nerves (Not Around Them)

“You paid for the use of the entire arena. Use it to your advantage.” – Helen P.


Blog Nine: Hunter Pace Happiness with SmartPaker Alissa

Blog Ten: Preparedness is SmartPaker Lydia’s Driving Force to Combat Nerves

“I tell my mare ‘it’s just a walk in the park, let’s go have some fun.’ I say it as much for her as I do for me!” – Jennifer P.C.

Instagram @jperacastro

Blog Eleven: Clever Tricks for Trail Riding Confidence with SmartPaker Jess

Blog Twelve: SmartPaker Danielle’s Top Seven Tips to Use Your Nerves Instead of Fighting Them

“My mama always tells me to *sparkle*. Just radiate happiness and have fun.” – Jordyn B.

(Instagram @spottedbayproductions)

Are there any tips or tricks we missed that YOU rely on before saddling up? Tell us in the comments!