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Staff of SmartPak April 2009

Beginnings: How One “Smart” Idea Led to Another

Finding a better way to administer supplements led to a quest for discovering innovative, smarter products.

SmartPaks were born of necessity. Feeding supplements was a disaster at our boarding barn. My TB/QH cross Westley needs daily vitamin E, joint supplement and a 1,250 lb dose of daily wormer. I assumed he was generally getting his supplements. Then I noticed that the vitamin E had lasted months longer than it should have...

It's a white powder so I checked his feed tub (pre-made for the next morning) to see if it was in there. Nothing. No trace of white powder. The joint supplement was there, but it was hard to tell if it was one or two scoops. He did have a hefty dose of his daily wormer in there—maybe that would explain why I was going through it twice as fast as I thought I should be!

Now it's hard to blame the barn staff, since they have to feed 35 horses with an average of 3 supplements per horse. That works out to 105 supplements to be opened, measured, fed and resealed. What a headache for them.

We wondered if others had the same problem so we went out and talked to boarders, owners and managers at other barns. All sorts of other barns: big show barns, small private barns, lesson barns and back yard barns. They had many of the same problems. In a few cases we found some moldy supplements or contaminated supplements (mouse droppings!). We found many outdated supplements (usually in those gigantic containers).

The most consistent thing we found was that most of the feed rooms we visited had containers that had not been resealed after each use. Some were even left entirely open! Since then we have learned from manufacturers that oxygen, moisture and sunlight are devastating to the potency of many supplements. Money down the drain!

SmartPak was born!

Since then, spurred on by our customers’ suggestions, we began to expand the array of products we carry—all chosen to help our customer solve problems and get the maximum enjoyment from their horses.

A SmartPak is Supplements Simplified

A SmartPak contains your horse’s supplements and medications in custom-made, daily-dose paks, labeled with your horse’s name and delivered automatically every month.

SmartPak: Supplements Simplified
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