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Skin & Coat Health

Inside out guide to SHINE

Healthy skin and a shiny coat are more than just a sign of a well-groomed horse. Your horse’s skin and coat form an important protective barrier against bacteria and infections. Supplementing his diet with essential fatty acids can improve his skin and coat, but with so many supplements available, how do you choose?

The main thing to consider is the fat source found in the supplement. Horses need adequate fat in their diets in order to produce enough oil in their skin. Without enough oil, they will develop dry skin and a lackluster coat. This is why skin and coat supplements always provide fat from one source or another. Some products also contain the spice Paprika, known for its ability to enhance color. Any type of fat can improve skin dryness by increasing oil production, but some fats have more health benefits than others. For example, the Omega 3 fatty acids found in Flax Seed and Fish Oil are a key component of skin cell membranes. Having Omega 3s in the diet helps promote healthier, more resilient skin, in addition to resolving dryness and creating shine. As a bonus, Omega 3s help fight inflammation throughout the body.

Though not a source of fat, Paprika is a spice that is sometimes included in skin and coat supplements for its ability to enhance coat color. All colors of horses are said to become deeper and richer, but Paprika is especially valued for protecting black and dark bay horses from becoming bleached in the sun. Paprika may contain a low level of capsaicin, a substance banned by some organizations for use in competition. Product to Try:

Price: $22.40 - $322.95

Fish Oil
Sure, horses are herbivores, but they can still benefit from Fish Oil! It is an excellent source of two specific Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which have numerous proven health benefits. In humans, EPA has been shown to improve conditions including heart disease, arthritis and kidney disease. In animals, studies show that DHA improves brain function in puppies and senior dogs, as well as reproductive ability in stallions. We recommend feeding Fish Oil with other fat sources like Flax Seed for best palatability. Product to Try:

Price: $8.49 - $32.25

Rice Bran
Rice Bran is the outer layer or husk of a grain of rice. It provides Omega 6 fatty acids, protein, fiber, B vitamins, Vitamin E, minerals, and Gamma Oryzanol, a hormone-like substance used for muscle development. Rice Bran is often fed as a tasty, convenient way to add calories to the diet of horses that need to gain weight, but it is also a common ingredient of skin and coat supplements. Many formulas, including Grand Coat and Cocosoya Ultra SP, blend Flax Seed and Rice Bran. Product to Try:

Grand Coat
Price: $18.85 - $45.95

Flax Seed
Flax Seed is a rich source of the essential fatty acids linolenic acid, an Omega 3, and linoleic acid, an Omega 6. In fact, Flax is one of the greatest plant sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, making it our favorite choice as a source of fat for horses. Choose a skin and coat supplement that contains Flax, and you’ll not only see a show-ring shine on your horse, you’ll also be supporting his overall wellness with the countless health benefits of Omega 3s! Product to Try:

Omega Horseshine
Price: $19.95 - $37.95

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