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Insect Control

Tired of endlessly spraying for flies? Sick of choking on chemical repellents? Prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place! We've got five simple ways you can ensure your horses are fly-free all season long.

Feed-Through Fly Control

These supplements represent the next generation of feed-through fly control. When fed to all horses on the property, feed-through fly control supplements help prevent the development of stable and house flies in the manure of treated horses. Each contains an active ingredient that breaks the fly life cycle by preventing larvae from forming exoskeletons, resulting in their death.

As Low As: $7.75

Solitude IGR
As Low As: $20.95

Equitrol II
As Low As: $7.75

Breeding Ground

Standing water is a hot spot for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquito Dunks work to eliminate mosquitoes in standing water before they’re old enough to bite. Biological control with natural Bti (a bacteria) lasts for 30 days and is safe to use in drinking water.


Best of Both Worlds

These supplements naturally help keep flies from biting and breeding from the inside out. Buggzo provides the natural insect repellents Garlic, Brewers Yeast, and Apple Cider Vinegar, along with Diatomaceous Earth, a substance made from crushed fossils that makes manure inhospitable to fly larvae. SmartBug-Off® combines those same ingredients with Omega 3 Fatty Acids and MSM for healthy skin. Both products come as tasty pellets that horses love.

As Low As: $19.95

As Low As: $21.95

Smarter Fly Trap

Biting flies tend to circle a horse before they land to bite. The Epps Biting Fly Trap tricks and captures biting flies by relying on this natural behavior pattern. When insects try to fly through the transparent plastic areas, they hit the deflector panels and fall into trays of soapy water below. Kills up to one pound of flies per day!


Chemical Free Fly Control

Fly Predators are tiny bugs you’ll love! The natural enemy of flies, these insects never bother humans or animals, and they feed on fly larvae. Sprinkle them around the manure areas on your farm and they’ll go to work controlling the fly population. You may not see them, but you will see up to a 94% reduction in fly population! Fly Predators work best when released after the last frost in the spring and re-released each month during fly season. SmartPak makes ordering easy with automatic monthly shipping!


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