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  • $19.82 - $121.04

    SmartPak Equine
    The hassle-free way to give aloe vera!
    • Provides 10,000 mg of aloe vera in tasty pellets your horse will love
    • Ideal for helping maintain stomach health in horses
  • $18.19 - $219.95

    Uckele Health & Nutrition
    Comprehensive herbal support for joints
    • 2,500 mg of devil's claw, 3,000 mg of yucca & other herbs to support a normal inflammatory response
    • May help manage the discomfort associated with exercise & activity
  • $15.95 - $26.95

    Uckele Health & Nutrition
    Herbal support for stiffness & discomfort
    • Provides 1,420 mg of yucca schidigera extract to help manage discomfort
  • $41.95 - $69.95

    Hilton Herbs
    Herbal support for liver & kidney health
    • Provides herbs like milk thistle to help maintain liver, kidney, urinary, and lymphatic function
    • May help support horses during pasture changes in spring and fall, and during deworming
  • $52.95 - $94.44

    Hilton Herbs
    Herbal support for pituitary function
    • Designed to help maintain a normal, balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies of all ages
    • Provides a comprehensive selection of herbs, including vitex agnus castus and milk thistle seed
  • $39.25 - $59.50

    Hilton Herbs
    Helps your horse get back to nature
    • Provides a selection of herbs with high vitamin and mineral content to support optimum health
    • Designed for horses with restricted access to pasture and horses on pasture with little herbage


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