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  • $21.95 - $91.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Best-selling formula for moody mares
    • 840 mg of raspberry leaf and other specialized ingredients support normal hormone levels
    • 500 mg of chamomile and 150 mg of passion flower help maintain a calm disposition
  • $14.95 - $53.95

    Solid Ideas LLC/Mare Magic
    A customer favorite for calming & moodiness
    • Pure, dried raspberry leaf helps support a quiet disposition in mares & geldings
  • $11.32 - $89.07

    SmartPak Equine
    Economical support for moody mares
    • Provides 2,000 mg of raspberry leaf and 500 mg of chasteberry to support normal hormone levels
    • Also includes 1,000 mg of magnesium and 250 mg of chamomile to help maintain a calm demeanor
  • $24.64 - $89.80

    Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP)
    Helps support a quiet disposition
    • Contains raspberry leaf, dong quai root & chaste berry for normal hormone levels
    • Ideal for helping maintain an even temperament in both mares and geldings
  • $18.56 - $66.82

    SmartPak Equine
    The easy way to give your horse chasteberry
    • Provides 3,000 mg of chasteberry in tasty, convenient pellets
    • Ideal for shaggy seniors, moody mares, and irritable geldings
  • $44.95

    Hilton Herbs
    Helps your mare stay relaxed
    • A blend of vitex agnus castus, valerian, chamomile, vervain & other herbs
  • $78.95 - $202.50

    Equilite, Inc
    Supports a balanced temperament in mares
    • Provides a specially formulated blend of herbs, including valerian, chamomile & passion flower
    • Designed to support balanced hormones & a relaxed temperament in moody, unpredictable mares


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