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  • $35.95 - $149.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Helps build strong, healthy muscle
    • Provides all 10 essential amino acids from high-quality protein sources for lean muscle development
    • Also includes gamma oryzanol, branched-chain amino acids & bioactive whey
  • $27.95 - $55.90

    Uckele Health & Nutrition
    All the benefits of Uckele's Cocosoya oil
    • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids plus digestive ingredients support healthy weight gain & a beautiful coat
  • $24.92 - $152.19

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Well-rounded support for a healthy weight
    • Provides extra calories from healthy fats including rice bran and coconut meal
    • Also includes amino acids to support lean muscle development
  • $18.15 - $74.95

    Manna Pro
    Supports a healthy body condition
    • Provides calories for weight gain & fatty acids for healthy skin & coat
    • Contains five times the fat of an equal amount of high-fat, stabilized rice bran
  • $37.95 - $76.95

    SmartSupplements by SmartPak
    Helps your horse bounce back
    • Provides targeted ingredients such as tart cherry, DMG, magnesium, and vitamin E
    • Includes ExertAmine®, a blend of branched chain amino acids to support normal muscle repair
  • $15.05 - $30.10

    Uckele Health & Nutrition
    Essential amino acids for protein production
    • Contains 10,000 mg of L-lysine, 5,000 mg of DL-methionine & 2,000 mg of L-threonine
    • These three amino acids must be provided in horses' diets because they can't make them on their own
  • $23.10 - $69.30

    Supports healthy weight gain and a shiny coat
    • Ideal for hard keepers because it provides a source of cool calories
    • Also includes targeted ingredients for resilient skin and a beautiful coat
  • $17.05 - $89.95

    Concentrated natural muscle developer
    • Combination of high-quality proteins & essential amino acids for muscle development
    • Includes enzymes to help aid in digestion
  • $30.00 - $79.95

    Farnam Companies, Inc
    Adds calories without extra grain
    • Provides extra calories from fat for weight gain & a healthy body condition
    • Contains over twice the calories found in an equal amount of grain
  • $25.75 - $266.95

    Kentucky Performance Products
    Supports proper insulin function
    • 5 mg of chromium combined with B-complex vitamins and organic trace minerals
  • $12.90 - $26.95

    Vita-Flex Nutrition
    Economical form of lysine
    • 9,099 mg of pure lysine
    • Lysine must be provided in your horse's diet because the body cannot make it on its own
  • $12.87 - $119.22

    SmartPak Equine
    Supports healthy muscle development
    • 5,000 mg of lysine, 2,000 mg of methionine, and 1,000 mg of threonine aid in muscle building
    • 500 mg of DMG helps support normal muscle recovery after workouts
  • $60.37 - $127.55

    Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP)
    Supports muscle & immune system function
    • Includes magnesium, vitamin E, lysine, DMG, and methionine for normal muscle function
    • Also provides ingredients for immune system health and red blood cell production


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