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  • $30.78 - $109.95

    Unique support for joints under stress
    • Provides 9,600 mg of perna canaliculus, which is also known as New Zealand green-lipped mussel
    • Supports joint, connective tissue, and cartilage health, and a normal response to inflammation
  • $15.50

    Direct Action Company (dac)
    Supports joints & overall health
    • Provides yucca schidigera extract for discomfort associated with normal exercise and activity
    • Also includes trace minerals for overall health, as well as Yea Sacc ® 1026 for digestive function
  • $82.47 - $149.95

    Kinetic Technologies, LLC
    Helps maintain healthy bones
    • Provides silicon, boron, and strontium to support bone strength, development, and density
    • Also includes hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and silica for joint health


Maintenance Dose:

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