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  • $12.90 - $26.95

    Vita-Flex Nutrition
    Economical form of lysine
    • 9,099 mg of pure lysine
    • Lysine must be provided in your horse's diet because the body cannot make it on its own
  • $18.95 - $84.95

    The ultimate micronutrient supplement
    • The benefits of the original SOURCE in convenient, palatable pellets
    • Includes at least 60 elements and their associated micronutrient compounds
  • $41.95 - $167.97

    Response Products
    Supports joint health & function
    • Provides a cetyl myristoleate complex uniquely designed to support joint health and function
    • Tasty apple-flavored pellets your horse will love
  • $57.50 - $294.95

    Grand Meadows
    Senior support from the makers of Grand Flex
    • A synergistic blend of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, HA, MSM & collagen for healthy joints
    • Includes a powerful mix of devil's claw, yucca, boswellia & fatty acids to help manage discomfort
  • $24.95 - $25.85

    Targeted support for seniors
    • Includes a daily serving of SOURCE micronutrients
    • A blend of antioxidants, vitamins, beneficial microbes, chelated minerals, fatty acids, & enzymes
  • $55.20 - $95.97

    Response Products
    Supports joints, immune health & mental focus
    • Provides 5,500 mg of cetyl myristoleate for normal joint function
    • Includes Re-Vitalize? Proprietary Blend for immune health & to help maintain focus


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