SmartPak Environmental Commitment

We strive to provide innovative and convenient solutions for our customers while doing our best to "tread lightly on the earth." To minimize our environmental impact, we subscribe to the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" philosophy of conservation. To that end, here are some of the tactics we employ to reduce, reuse and recycle:

From our manufacturing all the way through to shipping your order out the door, we look for everyway we can reduce the amount of materials and waste:

  • Accepting delivery of supplements in re-useable bulk containers reduces the consumption of hard to recycle white plastic buckets.
  • Purchasing directly from manufacturers, eliminates a layer of distribution and reduces handling, transportation, and fuel consumption.
  • Instituting paperless order entry and billing systems that reduce errors and reduce paper consumption in the office.
  • Implementing bar coding and other systems minimize mistakes and waste.
  • Designing our own custom-sized shipping boxes that fit SmartPaks exactly reduces the amount of cardboard required for shipment and eliminates the need for wasteful styrofoam peanuts.
  • Use of non-bleached cardboard avoids the use of chlorine.
  • Most of our production processes have been designed to entirely eliminate the need to use paper.
  • We now use biodegradable shrink-wrap to package our custom, daily-dose SmartPaks!
Where we can't reduce, we re-use materials and buy recycled wherever we can:
  • We use 100% recycled PET to make our SmartPaks, so the material is already on its second life.
  • We re-use the corrugated shipping boxes we receive products in to ship out your orders whenever we can.
  • We purchase only recycled corrugated cardboard.
  • We use 30% post consumer recycled paper for all of our office paper.
When we cannot further reduce or reuse, the next best option is practicing/encouraging recycling:

  • We use PET plastic to make SmartPaks because it is the most widely recycled material, able to be recycled in virtually every community in the US.
  • We encourage all our customers to recycle their SmartPaks with the recycling symbol on the bottom of the plastic pak.
  • We recycle all cardboard.
  • We recycle virtually all office paper.
  • All soda bottles and cans are recycled.
Since starting SmartPak, we have made steady improvements in the efficiency and environmental stewardship of our operations. But there is always room for improvement! As always, we welcome hearing from you with ideas, comments, or suggestions regarding environmental or other matters. You can contact us at
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